Guest Speaker – Chaim Gingold

Today, Chaim Gingold ( came in to talk to our class about himself and about his upcoming iPad app, Earth Primer, formerly called Geobook.  Chaim Gingold is a programmer and a designer, who formerly worked for EA on Spore, and now is working in a research lab in San Francisco and on his PhD.

Earth Primer is somewhat a mix of a game and a book, more like an “interactive experience”.  It explores the Earth, starting from the interior and moving outwards.  The program includes pictures, text, and animations, which are colorful and simple to understand.  In general, it is very intuitive and also includes a sandbox mode, which I found very interesting.  There are several preset landscapes, and the user can play around with them, adding rain, changing the temperature, increasing the wind, raising the land, etc.

All in all, the talk was very interesting and I appreciate Chaim Gingold for taking his time to come to us.  I look forward to the app, and I probably will buy it, when it comes out later this year.

Below are some photos as well as a video from two years ago of an earlier version of Earth Primer.












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